How to choose LED kitchen lights?

The lights in the kitchen are generally used less, and when cooking in the kitchen, it is generally enough to use some lights that are not too bright, mainly to save electricity. But the lights are too dim to see clearly. So people don’t know what degree of light is appropriate to use in the kitchen. Let us introduce how many watts are suitable for kitchen LED lights? How to choose LED lights?

How many watts are suitable for kitchen?

1, The illumination of the kitchen is 100lx-200lx.,

  1. LED also depends on the light efficiency. At present, there are many products in the market that are very complicated. When purchasing, find some reliable brands. For example, Tongfang. Philips. You can also tell the store to buy a better quality. will not.,
  2. After a simple calculation, if the luminous efficiency (luminous efficiency) is 100, choose two 10W reliable ones, and the combined luminous flux (luminous efficiency * power) is 1000, you can choose two, or one 20W. ,
  3. The light efficiency of the same side has reached 150. In this case, it is OK to choose two 8W. Or one 15W or so.

How to choose LED lights?

  1. Buy LED lamps with “Three Guarantees” commitment, and choose lamps with CCC certification mark;
  2. It depends on whether the LED lamp product identification is complete, and the regular product should be identified;
  3. Check whether the power cord of the LED light has the CCC safety certification mark;
  4. Check whether the charged body of the lamp is exposed. After the light source is installed in the lamp holder, the fingers should not touch the charged metal lamp cap;
  5. Check whether the orientation of the LED chip is accurate, and whether the lens or screen is worn. 6, we can distinguish from the packaging. LED packaging is generally divided into resin packaging and silicone packaging. The price of the resin package is relatively higher, because the heat dissipation performance is slightly worse, and other aspects are not much different from the silicone package. In addition, it can also be distinguished from whether the color is consistent. At present, there are many packaging factories in China, and there are thousands of them, large and small. Of course, there are strengths and weaknesses. There are many small packaging factories that do not have a spectroscopic color separation machine, so they either do not split the color separation or send it out, and it is difficult to guarantee the product quality.
  6. Of course, it is also understood from the observation of solder joints. The LED light strips produced by regular LED light strip manufacturers are produced by SMT patch process, solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, the solder joints on the LED strip are relatively smooth and the amount of solder is not much, and the solder joints extend from the FPC pads to the LED electrodes in an arc shape. However, the amount of solder in the solder joints of the copycat LED strips is not uniform, and there is more than one dot covering the solder feet.

The above describes how many watts are suitable for kitchen LED lights? How to choose LED lights? In fact, we cannot generalize about kitchen lights. We have to proceed from the immediate reality. If it is the elderly at home to cook, it is better to use a larger wattage, so that you can see clearly, and you will not let the oil splash on your clothes when cooking.

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