LED Flood Lights

Floodlights provide bright, intense light which is ideal for illuminating a large surface area in an outdoor space, making them a popular choice as an additional security measure to a building. Installed across commercial, industrial, and domestic properties, LED flood lights are energy efficient to run, saving money as well as reducing the carbon footprint of a building. Security floodlights often installed above entryways or along paths, used to both illuminate a door or walkway as well as providing a deterrent to intruders. Outdoor floodlights are available in various styles across different wattage options depending on the desired brightness and size of the space to be illuminated.

How to choose and buy the correct LED floodlights for your home or business

LED floodlights are a cost-effective alternative to traditional halogen bulbs and can be used in domestic and industrial environments. Different floodlights are suitable for different spaces and uses—within this guide you can quickly determine which floodlight is best suited to your specific needs and make an instant purchase.

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Why choose an LED floodlight?

They are up to 90% more energy efficient than a halogen equivalent.
They operate reliably in cold temperatures (normally down to -20°C).
They are resistant to shock or vibration.
Their long lifespan reduces maintenance, making them a good choice for difficult-to‑reach areas.

What to look for Flood Lights

Lumens: Used to measure a light’s brightness—the higher the lumen the brighter the light. When choosing a floodlight, the larger the space the more lumens you will require.
PIR: This stands for passive infrared receiver. It means that the floodlight is activated when motion is detected.
Beam angle: The angle at which the light is distributed—the wider the angle, the more area is covered by light.
Colour temperature: Measured in Kelvin (k) from ‘warm’ to ‘cool’—the higher the number of Kelvin the cooler the light. If you are choosing floodlights to illuminate garden features you may want to choose a warmer, more welcoming colour temperature with a low Kelvin rating, such as a warm white. A cooler white with a higher Kelvin rating provides a crisper light, ideal for practical or security purposes.
IP65: This means that the floodlight is protected against water sprays from all angles.

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