Wall Lights

Enhance the overall look of your home with wall lights. Buy Wall Lamps Online for versatile, universally applicable, and practical experience. Our wall sconces are easy to install and look fantastic if placed on the walls, hallways, or staircase. Whether they’re used for illuminating dark spaces or are used as accent lighting, we offer a wide variety to suit any space.

How to choose the wall lights that suits you?

Consider using wall lights in different rooms, depending on the type of lamp you'd like. Wall lights are typically used as additional lighting. We offer a large selection, so asking yourself these questions will help you choose the optimal light.
Where on the wall can I find space for a lamp?
What do I want it to illuminate?
Will the lamp compliment the rest of my interior style?
Will the light also be used as a reading lamp?
Where can I avoid light dazzle by using wall lights?
Will the wall lamp serve as additional lighting, ambient light, orientation light or as a design element?

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Wall lights in the bathroom

For wall lights in the bathroom, it is important to consider the protection class of the light, due to safety issues with moisture and electricity. Think about where the lamp will be installed and choose the right protection class for this specific location. Discover wall lights that have been specially developed to use in bathrooms.

Some wall lights are particularly suitable for mounting around a mirror. This is perfect for applying makeup, shaving or styling your hair. Good lighting in front of the mirror is key. Some mirror lights also have a particularly high CRI value. This makes the colours appear more natural and you can rest assured that your makeup will look the same outdoors as it does in front of the mirror.

Tips for installing wall lights

Before starting any lighting installation, remember to switch off the fuse in the corresponding room.
Be prepared!
In order to prevent as many problems as possible, good planning is essential before buying any indoor lamp. You should have an idea of ​​what the end result should look like. Various factors such as location, material, size, energy efficiency, easy maintenance and distances should be considered.
We advise using common sense over rules when deciding on the height you'd like to mount your indoor light.
There is not really a standard for the installation height of a wall lamp, as almost every wall lamp has its own lighting properties. The most important thing when choosing the mounting height is that the light does not dazzle. It is a good idea to assemble the wall light at eye level.
Connecting the electricity before installing a light will give you a better estimate at an appropriate height to mount the lamp. If you are limited in terms of space, a higher or lower mounting height is recommended.
Just remember the rule of thumb: Mounting height = eye height (170 cm) ± 10 cm
Electrical installation
Electric currents are very dangerous and can be life-threatening. Leave any electrical work to a specialist.

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