LED Panel Lights

LED panel lights for ceiling are an energy efficient option to conventional alternatives, slotting into the existing recesses where a tile would sit within a grid ceiling. The benefit of the LED technology allows for a longer lifespan, whilst being more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The light is distributed evenly offering wide and soft lighting which can be switched to full brightness instantaneously. The LED panel lighting range is incredibly durable with the additional components surrounding the panel typically lasting longer without the danger of overheating.

LED panel lights Mounting Methods

Surface Mounted A surface mount panel light frame allows LED panels to be used where the ceiling material does not allow panels to be recessed, for example on solid or concrete ceilings. Frames are anodized aluminium in a Satin White finish. Recess Mounted Recessed frames are used to set LED panels into standard grid ceilings, drop ceilings, T-bar ceilings or plasterboard. Frames are made from plaster and come in a Satin White finish.

Mount Ceiling Lamp Fixture for Study Lighting Office building Living Room Kitchen


LED panel lights feature a flat panel giving even illumination across their surface. They are often used as a modern and energy efficient update on fluorescent lighting in grid ceilings. They do not have the issues commonly associated with fluorescents, such as flicker, and their long life span makes them easy to maintain. With a sleek and unobtrusive appearance panel lighting is ideal for use in commercial environments such as office spaces, as well as in residential settings. Our panel lights are IP44 rated making smaller sized panels suitable in small rooms such as bathrooms and ensuites, or as wall lights. Larger panels can be used in the home for kitchens and utility rooms, with the largest best for commercial spaces..

Why choose LED panel lighting?

Panel lighting is designed for both residential and commercial applications. This type of lighting fixture is made to replace conventional fluorescent ceiling lights, and designed to mount on suspended grid ceilings or recessed ceilings.

LED panel lighting delivers a smooth and flawless wall of illumination without visible bulbs or hot spots.

Their versatility allows them to be mounted on numerous surfaces and used in multiple applications. Whether you want to replace your existing T8 fluorescent troffer light fixture or start a new construction project, panel lighting is an innovative and energy efficient alternative.

Mount Ceiling Lamp Fixture for Study Lighting Office building Living Room Kitchen