How to choose bedroom lights?

It is very important to choose the right lamps for the decoration of the bedroom. Many friends pay more attention to the bedroom lamps. After all, the bedroom lamps have a certain influence on their sleep, so they must be carefully considered when choosing. According to the needs of the family, how many watts is suitable for the general light in a 15-square-meter bedroom? How to choose bedroom lights? Let’s take a closer look at it together.

How many watts is suitable for a general light in a 15 square meter bedroom

Under normal circumstances, the LED light used in the bedroom is about 10W-15W. This needs to consider the relationship between the space size of the bedroom and the lighting effect. If the bedroom is 10 square meters in size, 22W is enough for fluorescent lights, while LED lights are sufficient. In the case of the same brightness, the wattage can be used less, as long as about 10w is enough.

How to choose bedroom lights

You can choose the lamp according to the style of the bedroom. If the bedroom is a classical style, you can choose a European-style crystal lamp, which is more simple and elegant; if it is a modern minimalist style, you can choose a simple and stylish ceiling lamp.

  1. Thickness of lamps and lanterns

You can see the thickness of the lamps. If the height of the bedroom is more than 2.8-5 meters, you can choose thick chandeliers; if the height of the bedroom is 2.8 meters, it is best to choose thin or well-proportioned chandeliers.

  1. Small bedroom

If the bedroom area is small, you can choose a ceiling lamp; if the bedroom area is large, you can choose a crystal chandelier or a large ceiling lamp. Crystal lamps are more suitable for bedrooms, and the light source is softer.

  1. The shape of the bedroom

Lamps can be selected according to the shape of the bedroom, and some owners will increase or reduce the size and shape of the bedroom by changing the layout of the bedroom. Therefore, before choosing a chandelier, you must pay attention to the shape of the bedroom, and try to choose a chandelier that matches the shape of the bedroom.

  1. Lampshade color selection

The color of the lampshade should take into account the walls and furniture of the bedroom, and the color of the lamps should be harmonious and consistent, so as to feel comfortable and warm.

If you want to choose bedroom lights, you can choose according to your own needs, and pay attention to choosing brand lamps with guaranteed quality. The above is the relevant introduction about how many watts are suitable for a 15-square-meter bedroom general lamp and how to choose a bedroom lamp. When you choose, you can choose according to the size, space and shape of the bedroom to ensure the indoor effect.

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