Installing wall lamps in the bedroom

Everyone knows about wall lamps. Wall lamps are installed in many places in the family, such as living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, etc. Today, I will show you some knowledge about installing wall lamps in bedrooms. Please follow the editor to see about Precautions for installing wall lamps in the bedroom, I hope this knowledge can help you better install wall lamps.

Precautions for installing Bedroom wall lamp in the bedroom

Bedroom wall lamp – the choice of the installation position of the bedside wall lamp

The bedside wall lamp installation height standard wall lamp use space, the use space is very wide, such as the corridor, in front of the bathroom mirror, and the bedside position. The functions of these three positions are also different. For example, in the corridor, it is mainly for lighting, and the intensity of the light is not very large; in front of the mirror, it is to help with makeup and washing; in the bedside, it is for us For daily reading, the light is relatively concentrated.

The bedside wall lamp should be higher than the sitting position

It is more convenient to use the wall lamp at the head of the bed, but it is particularly convenient to pay attention to the installation height of the wall lamp, which will affect the brightness, and the light will be scattered, which is not conducive to concentrating light. If it is low, it will hit people’s heads, and if it is dangerous, accidents will occur. The height of the bed should also be considered when installing, so the height of the wall lamp is very important. Usually, the height of the bedside wall lamp is between 1.5 meters and 1.7 meters from the ground, and the distance from the wall is between 9.5 cm and 49 cm. Because the height of the desk lamp is the same as or slightly lower than the height of the bed you are lying on, when reading a book, it is easy to make the eyes feel uncomfortable because the light cannot directly shine on the book. Therefore, for the needs of reading, in addition to adjusting the position of the bedside table lamp, you can also install a dimmable wall lamp on the background wall of the bedside.

Select the wall lamp must reserve the wire head

The installation position of the wall lamp is generally above the head of the bed, or a double-headed wall lamp in the middle, or one on each side, but to remind you that if there is no wire head reserved on the wall before decoration, it is best not to. Choose wall sconces for bedside lighting. Because the wall lamp is often installed in the middle of the wall, and there is no dark line, it is necessary to pull a wire on the wall according to the position of the wall lamp, so that the smooth wall looks unsightly.

Bedside wall light switches should be within reach

Since different types of lamps are placed and installed in different positions, a slender floor lamp can be placed next to the bed, or a European-style table lamp can be placed on a walnut bedside table, or a small wall mounted on the bedside wall. wall lamp. If the switch of the bedside light cannot be reached when you are lying down, when you are drowsy and want to turn off the light, you have to find the switch or adjust the brightness with great effort again. There’s not much left.

I introduce the precautions for installing Bedroom wall lamp in the next bedroom. I hope you can install the most suitable wall lamps for your bedroom through this knowledge.

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