9 living room lighting design solutions prepared for you

The living room is the most frequent and longest stay space in the home space. Party, movie, chat, reading, two-person world… These different life situations, do you know that you can match different lighting arrangements?

1.LED chandelier

Pendant lamps are the most traditional living room lamps, suitable for spaces with relatively sufficient floor heights, otherwise they are easy to top and look depressing. Pendant lamps are available in a wide variety of styles, so you can find a design for any style.

PS: It is recommended not to buy too complicated designs, which are not only unsightly, but also very troublesome to clean.

LED chandelier

2.LED fan light

The fan lamp is a special kind of chandelier. It combines two electrical appliances with different functions and controls them separately. It is not only practical and convenient, but also plays a decorative role, which has a unique retro beauty.

.LED fan light

3.LED Ceiling Light

The height and size of the ceiling lamp are small, which can save the floor height, and the whole is simple and easy to take care of, and the light is soft. It is the first choice for many practical decorations.

Try to choose solid colors for ceiling lamps, such as linen, white, simple and versatile; at the same time, reject strange and complex shapes, the simpler the shape, the less likely it will be outdated.

With the change of people’s aesthetic style and the improvement of home quality, many people no longer pursue the gorgeous main lamp design, but pay more attention to the good atmosphere created by local lighting

4.LED downlight

In recent years, it has become very popular to have no main lighting in the living room, and downlights are one of them. Through the distributed design of multiple downlights, the living room can be illuminated evenly, comfortably and brightly.

Depending on whether the ceiling has a suspended ceiling, the downlight can be either exposed or concealed; no matter which installation method is used, the overall sense of space is very simple and atmospheric, suitable for modern and minimalist living room design.

The point-shaped light sources embedded in the ceiling are scattered everywhere, a bit like stars in the night sky, easily creating a soft and warm living room atmosphere, while occupying a small space, and the vision is more open.

LED downlight

5.LED track light

The track light can be said to be an evolutionary version of the downlight. By adjusting the position and lighting direction of the lamp head, it brings a flexible and elegant bright lighting effect to the living room, making the light and shadow atmosphere of the space unique and temperamental.

LED track light

6.LED spotlight

Spotlights are more flexible than downlights, and the angle can be adjusted freely to enhance local light. Because of its excellent concentrating effect, it is generally used to highlight or emphasize decorative details and make objects more textured, such as sofa background walls, bookshelves or decorative paintings.

LED spotlight

7.LED light strip

The installation of light strips is usually hidden in the ceiling groove of the ceiling, and is mostly used on the four sides of the ceiling. The diffusely reflected light is used as lighting to form a visual sense of contrast between virtual and real, making the living room feel warm and comfortable.

The light strip is bright, generous and layered, which is very effective to enhance the temperament of the living room, and the hidden design can make the top surface look more concise and clean, and visually appear higher.

LED light strip

8.LED floor lamp

Floor lamps are a popular choice these days, often referred to as “sofa companions”. A floor lamp with a great sense of design can enhance the decorative effect of the entire living room, and at the same time, it is warm and delicate, and it is a master at setting off the atmosphere. It is fashionable and changeable in style, which can be matched according to different needs and designs.
Floor lamps are usually composed of three parts: a lamp holder, a bracket and a lamp. The structure is simple and easy to move. Users can move and adjust according to their own needs. As a local lighting family, it needs to be used in conjunction with other lamps to meet different needs.

LED floor lamp

9.LED combination light

With the prevalence of minimalist style and the limitation of floor height, the design of no main light is very popular among the public, and auxiliary light sources such as track lights, downlights or light strips are combined to cooperate with each other. The light is uniform, bright and dark, rich in layers, practical and delicate.

.LED combination light

Practical over beauty

The selection of lamps and lanterns must first start from the lighting needs, and then consider the aesthetics of the lighting. A combination is better than a single product

Most living room decorations only use one main light, which not only wastes electricity, but also is inconvenient to use.

It is recommended to use the design of main light + auxiliary light, or a combination without main light, which is convenient and practical, and saves electricity.
No matter how beautiful the home decoration is, only with the right lights can it be regarded as the final perfect ending. Whether it is lamps or other home decorations, the most important thing is practicality and comfort. The appearance is important, but the harmony and unity of the entire home atmosphere and environment must also be considered.

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