How to choose bedroom Pendant Lights

Before buying a bedroom Pendant Lights, you must pay attention to the shape of the bedroom, and try to choose a chandelier that is consistent with the shape and decoration style of the bedroom

I have never been in favor of using chandelier lamp for houses with a floor height of 2.5–2.8 meters, because the indoor height that is not rich in nature tends to be lower and cramped because of the addition of chandeliers. In addition, since the bedroom needs to change the large cloth such as bed sheets and quilts frequently, it also has certain height requirements. If a lower hanging Pendant is installed, it is easy to bump and so on. Therefore, we remind you to buy bedroom Pendant lamp according to the The height of your own bedroom determines the hanging height of the Pendant Lights.

When purchasing bedroom Pendant Lighting, we also need to determine the installation position of the chandelier in advance, because the installation position of the chandelier will affect the indoor illumination, safety and the decoration design of the ceiling. It is recommended that you do not install large Pendant Lights directly above the bed. This is not only unsafe, but also a taboo in home feng shui.
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