Why We Love Blue Pendant Lighting

Blue pendant lights bring blissful serenity into your home, creating a soothing mood that is sure to inspire relaxation. From subtle blue accents to bold and brilliant celebrations of this intuitive color, blue used in interior design invokes stability, confidence, and peace, creating a positive environment for family and guests alike. Blue hanging lights of many shapes and styles allow you to pull your favorite color further into your home’s design scheme. These fixtures make it easy to coordinate with an existing palette or to add an exclamation point to the space, making the room come alive with color.

Where Blue Pendant Lights Work Best

Pendant lights in general work well in parts of the home where the light diffuses onto a table, counter or work surface as a form of task lighting. Blue pendant lighting inspires your rooms with a playful or serene vibe that picks up on coloring from other home furnishings. Blue hanging lights in the bedrooms add a personal touch to the space, perhaps capturing a favorite color or adding a note of tranquility. Adding blue pendants to the dining areas of the kitchen or dining room takes a modern twist on these spaces, infusing a little bit of energy and fun. This hue of pendant lights also works well in a finished basement’s bar or sitting area as well as in a crafting room or workshop above the counter. Pendants offer useful task lighting, so any place you need to see well to perform well could be a good space for a blue pendant light.

Blue Pendant Lighting for Every Style Ageless charm abounds in these colorful fixtures that are just as effective in lighting the house as they are in brightening the mood around you. Designs by Umage capture multiple dimensions as well as texture in blissful styles that awaken the mood around you. Hubbardton Forge's fixtures focus on the mini pendant with an industrial motif updated by sleek modern style. LBL Lighting takes a stunningly artistic approach with gorgeous designs of stained glass and mouth-blown Murano glass, resulting in impressive blue hanging lights that you are proud to display indefinitely.
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