Why We Love Bar Pendant Lighting

The versatility of modern pendant lighting is only part of the reason it’s chosen so often. Bar pendant lighting ensures that each person seated is bathed in their own pool of light, making it perfect for meals or individual tasks. The guided glow of kitchen island lighting creates a brighter, safer work area where you need it most. However, what’s most notable about pendant lighting is the creative, simple elegance of its style. Available in a plethora of materials, finishes and colors, you’re certain to find a choice that adds the perfect touch to your decorating aesthetic.

How to Choose the Best Bar Pendant Lights

The wide variety of modern pendant lighting makes choosing the right one for your space an adventure. One of the first determinations to make is the size of the pendant itself. There are many different finishes and colors from which to choose, which makes the search exciting. When you’ve chosen your favorite pendant lighting style, you’ll need to consider how high the lighting needs to be suspended. There are general guidelines available to help give you a starting point. Typically, you’ll want to give a 30-to 36-inch clearance above the surface of your bar or kitchen island.

When you've picked the right modern pendant lighting to enhance your rooms, it's time to consider ways of making it look even better. By simply putting your bar pendant lighting on a dimmer switch, you can instantly change the ambience of the room. The addition of wall sconces adds another dimensional layer of light to create a more interesting visual effect. It's also important to consider the furniture and decorative accessories of the room. Complementary styles and colors can raise the elegance and sophisticated grace of your room tremendously.
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