How to maintain LED chandeliers

Buying a good quality LED chandelier is not cheap and requires regular maintenance. How to maintain the chandelier? Aodek takes everyone to learn about it.

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How to maintain chandeliers
First: You can use a rag that is not too dry, stand at a high place, and slowly wipe the surface of the lamp. Remember, no water or other cleaners are needed. When wiping the light bulb, be sure to hold the chandelier gently with your hands and remember to turn off the switch.

Second: If you find that the stains on your light bulbs are stubborn, you can remove the light bulbs and clean them at this time. Use wet bulbs to scrub them frequently, but remember that the metal accessories on the chandelier should not be exposed to water for a long time to avoid rusting in the future or causing safety hazards.

Third: Clean the chandelier with kerosene. Kerosene is a good solvent. When cleaning the chandelier, use a small bowl to hold about two-thirds of the kerosene. Then disassemble the chandelier into parts and soak them in kerosene one by one. After 5-10 minutes, use Gently wipe the surface of the component with a clean, soft cotton cloth. At this time, you can see that the stain has been fully dissolved and can be easily wiped off.