How to change the light bulb in the bathroom light

Because of the high humidity in some bathrooms, some bulbs are prone to malfunction. How to change the bulbs for the bathroom lights? What are the steps? Which bathroom light is better?

 bathroom light

How to change the light bulb in the bathroom light

  1. In the first step, you need to cut off the power supply. If the bathroom light is installed relatively high, prepare a stool. Check to see if the bulb has a threaded opening, if so, just twist it left and right. First replace the old light bulb, choose the prepared new light bulb and install it back, be sure to tighten it, otherwise it will loosen and fall.
  2. After installation, observe whether it is tightened. If there is no problem, turn on the power again and test whether the bulb can light up. If it is normal, it means it is installed properly. But if there is a problem of flickering and flickering, you have to remove it and reinstall it. Generally speaking, the bulbs of bathroom lights are dedicated to choose the same model.

Which bathroom lamp is more suitable to choose?

  1. Incandescent lamps can be selected for bathroom lamps. The main effect is to save electricity. The lighting is softer and more suitable for bathroom use.
  2. Embedded lights can be selected, which are especially suitable for situations where the space is relatively small. Because if the bathroom is narrow, do not choose too large or particularly cumbersome lamps, such as crystal lamps are not suitable. In contrast, this mosaic type is particularly suitable for installation in bathrooms.
  3. You can also choose a wall lamp, which is installed on the wall and occupies a relatively small space, but it can achieve a certain light source effect.

Three, the standard of bathroom lamp selection

  1. When choosing bathroom lights, you need to choose according to the area of ​​the space. The area is about 10 square meters, and you can choose a slightly larger wattage.
  2. It is also necessary to do a good job of waterproofing. Do not choose some iron lamps, otherwise it is easy to rust, and at the same time, do a good job of being splashed by water.
  3. It is also necessary to do a good job of safety performance. Be careful not to have sharp and protruding places around, and the bulbs cannot be exposed to the outside.
 bathroom light

The above content specifically introduces the choice of bathroom lights and how to change the lighting bulbs. There are many lights on the market, but not all of them are suitable for bathroom lights. So when we choose, we must choose the right one, pay attention to safety, and pay attention to waterproofing.

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