Very good LED linear light design scheme

As an upgraded version of the LED guardrail tube, the LED linear light is not only stylish and elegant in appearance, but also easy to install. It can flexibly create various fashionable and simple shapes and light and shadow effects, so it is widely used in lighting design in various fields.

So do you know about LED line lights, what are the common design styles of LED line lights?

The classic European style outlines the external outline of the building, and can also be used as a signboard screen with various flowing or animated patterns. The reason why the classic is called the classic is that this design style is enduring and durable. Because line lights can be used in many places, especially in some elegant and atmospheric places, liner lights are often used

Very good LED linear light design scheme

In order to make more sufficient lighting in the aisle area, the lamps are installed in the form of a combination of LED liner lights and LED double-head wall lamp downlights or a beam of light floodlights. Ambience. The general LED linear light are installed inside the groove of the building, because this installation design will not affect the appearance, and it plays a good decorative role in the lighting and matching of the entire building.

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