How to install led flood light?

This article tells you how to install LED flood lights

Before installing any kind of lamp, it is necessary to carry out corresponding preparations. Before installing the LED flood light, in order to ensure the quality of its use after installation, it is recommended to carry out a detailed inspection of the spot light before installation, and see the LED flood light. Whether the appearance of the light is damaged, whether the accessories are complete, etc. The tools that will be used in the installation process, and determine the installation location, whether the flood light product and its various components are damaged. Then you can install it.

However, there are still a few things to pay attention to when installing LED floodlights, which are related to whether the lamps can be used normally and personal safety:

  1. The lamp is waterproof and moisture-proof, and its protection level can reach IP65. It can withstand the test of rain from top to bottom but cannot be immersed in underwater work, and its protection level does not meet the requirements of underwater work.
  2. The installation location of the lamp must have a large enough bearing capacity, and its bearing capacity should be able to bear more than 10 times the weight of the driver.
  3. The working power supply of the lamps is high-voltage alternating current. It should be kept away from places that are easily accessible by people, and the lamps and lanterns must be grounded. The grounding wire must be done.
  4. Lamps are power equipment and are very sensitive to ambient temperature. When the working ambient temperature is higher than 45°C, their lifespan will be significantly reduced, accompanied by surface signs of serious light decay. Therefore, the lamps should be placed in ventilated and ventilated places to keep the lamps in a relatively good heat dissipation environment.
  5. The working environment temperature of the lamp should be between -25°C~+45°C. The temperature of the workplace must not exceed 45°C to ensure the service life of the lamps.
  6. Since the power of the lamps is relatively large, the appropriate power cord should be selected according to the actual power when laying the power cord, and the power supply should be divided into phases.

In recent years, LED floodlights have been very popular in outdoor landscape lighting, and it can stand out in the increasingly fierce engineering lighting products because of its characteristics. However, the selection of lamps and lanterns still needs to be carefully screened, and it is more advantageous to choose high-quality products. The LED flood light series produced by Panda Lighting mainly adopts a new modular design. There are gaps between the modules to form air convection, which further improves the heat dissipation effect. At the same time, due to the modular design, it can also realize on-site maintenance, which is very convenient for the customer’s later maintenance, and has been used and verified in many engineering projects.