how to install led wall light?

Precautions for installing led wall lights

Originally, wall lamps were not very popular, but with the development and utilization of Led, wall lamps that were rarely used indoors began to be widely used. When we need Led wall lights for decoration, then, how do we install Led wall lights? What should you pay attention to when installing wall lights?

Let’s take a look at what is a Led wall lamp. Led wall lamp is a lamp that uses light-emitting diodes as a light source and is installed on the wall or furniture wall to become an LED wall lamp. Traditional wall lamps mostly use halogen lamps, which have low luminous efficiency, relatively power consumption, rising ambient temperature and short service life. Led is far superior to traditional lighting products in terms of lighting principle, energy saving and environmental protection. Moreover, the unidirectionality of LED light emission forms a perfect support for the light distribution of wall lamps.

How tHow to install led wall light?- specific steps to install led wall light

First, fix the LED wall light with screws, connect the LED wall light with the power cord firmly, and wrap the unused wire ends with waterproof tape; when installing the LED wall light wiring, a branch power supply can connect up to 8-10 wall lights in series; or 50 Connect another power cord after the meter. After the installation is completed, please check the installation circuit, and after confirming that the installation is correct, turn on the control power supply.

How to install led wall light? – points to note when installing led wall light

LED light cups cannot be directly installed on flammable objects. Some families use painted three plywood to line the back of the ceiling lamp for the sake of beauty. In fact, this is very dangerous, and heat insulation measures must be taken; if the high temperature part of the surface of the lamp is close to combustible materials, heat insulation or heat dissipation measures should also be taken.

The connection between the lead of the LED lamp cup and the lamp cap and the connection of the parallel lead between the lamp caps should be firm, and the electrical contact should be good, so as to avoid the danger of sparks between the lead and the terminal due to poor contact.

Before installing the LED lamp cup, you should also check the section of the wire core leading to each lamp. The copper core flexible wire is not less than 0.4mm2, and the copper core is not less than 0.5mm2, otherwise the lead must be replaced.

If the LED lamp cup needs to be fixed with expansion bolts, the bolt specifications should be selected according to the technical requirements of the product, and the drilling diameter and embedment depth should be consistent with the bolt specifications.

After reading the specific steps and key points for installing LED wall lights above, it is actually very simple to install LED wall lights, as long as you can pay attention to some important steps, you can easily complete them. I hope that the majority of netizens can experiment with their own hands. I believe that through this summary of the editor, you can also be handy with the simple installation of led wall lights.

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