How to choose the right LED ceiling light according to the room area?

With the widespread use of LED lighting, LED lights have gradually penetrated into home lighting. In home decoration, how to install lighting reflects the warmth of the family. If the lighting is insufficient, it will affect the decorative effect of the room. How to choose the right LED ceiling light? The following is an analysis of six aspects.

01.Selection of living room lights

The living room lamp plays the finishing touch in the decoration of the whole room. Too complicated shapes and too complicated colors are not suitable for the decoration of the room with simple design, which will increase the feeling of crowding. It is also not suitable to install chandeliers in rooms with a floor height of less than 2.8 meters. Only ceiling lamps can be installed to make the room appear taller, and it will also make people feel more lively and generous.

In addition, the living room, as the place where the host receives the guests, needs to be bright and bright to make people feel more happy.

Generally speaking, for a living room of 30-45 square meters, you can choose a 54W white LED ceiling lamp. The diameter of the lamp should be about 1500px to make it look atmospheric; for a living room of 20-30 square meters, you need a 36W white LED ceiling lamp. The diameter of the lamp should preferably not be less than 1250px; for a small living room less than 20 square meters, a 24W white LED ceiling lamp is sufficient for lighting needs, and the diameter of the lamp should be around 1000px.

02.The choice of bedroom lights

Apart from work, the bedroom is the place where we spend the longest time, and it is also a haven for us to relieve stress and inhabit the soul. Therefore, a bedroom lamp that integrates warmth, romance and freshness is particularly important.

For a bedroom of 15-20 square meters, you need to choose a 24W LED ceiling lamp, and the diameter of the lamp body is between 40-1250px; for a bedroom of 12-15 square meters, you can choose a 20W LED ceiling lamp, and the diameter of the lamp body can also be in Between 40-1250px; and for a small bedroom below 12 square meters, it is OK to use a 15W LED ceiling light, and the diameter can be between 35-1000px. As for whether to use white light or warm light, this mainly depends on personal preference

03.Selection of restaurant lights Author: Yimei Lighting

The restaurant is generally close to the kitchen, and there is heat from the food, and the fumes are relatively large. In order to keep it clean, the dining room lights need to be cleaned frequently. Therefore, it is advisable to choose an LED ceiling lamp with a clean lampshade.

Compared with incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, LED ceiling lamps have a long life, which saves friends from the trouble of frequently replacing light bulbs, but the convenience of removing and washing the lampshade still needs to be considered. In addition, the light of the restaurant light should make the food look full of color and fragrance, so as to increase the appetite, so it is more appropriate to choose a 15-20W LED ceiling light.

04.Selection of study lamps

The study is an important place for us to study and work. Long hours of writing and studying at our desks suddenly increase the pressure on our eyes. To protect our eyes and our children’s eyes, be sure to choose lights with stable brightness.

Most of the LED ceiling lights, the regular manufacturers use intelligent constant current drive, the brightness is stable, no stroboscopic, the color temperature of 6500K is a white light that is very similar to natural light, and the filtering of the acrylic mask can also make the LED light soft and not. It is dazzling and meets the requirements of us and our children to read under the lamp for a long time. It is an ideal eye protection lamp.

Under normal circumstances, 15-20W white LED ceiling lamps can be selected for study rooms under 10 square meters; 20-24 white LED ceiling lamps are required for study rooms with 10-15 square meters.

05.The choice of kitchen and bathroom lights

Kitchens and bathrooms should choose lamps with waterproof and moisture-proof functions because of large smoke and dust and a lot of water vapor, and they should also be easy to scrub and corrosion-resistant. Some friends’ kitchens and bathrooms are decorated with integrated ceilings, so you can choose to install kitchen and bathroom lights in the dark, of course, the surface installation can also be used. Since the ceiling is installed, the load-bearing capacity of the top must be considered when choosing lamps.

LED kitchen and bathroom lamps are available in two styles: exposed and concealed. The mainstream styles of the lamp body are made of ABS injection molding, with clear edges and corners, elegant and generous; The sealed drive design can be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof, and the whole lamp weighs less than 1kg, which is completely stress-free for suspended ceilings.

The kitchen is the place where we cook delicious food. Therefore, bright light is a must. For kitchens under 10 square meters, you can choose 12-16W kitchen and bathroom lights, and for large kitchens above 10 square meters, you can consider installing two 12W or 12W lamps. 16W kitchen and bathroom lights. Our bathrooms are generally separated from baths and equipped with sinks.

For the toilet and bathroom part of 4-6 square meters, you can choose 6-12W kitchen and bathroom lights, and above the washbasin, a bathing mirror is usually installed, and a soft-colored mirror headlight can be installed above the bathing mirror or left and right, so that we can When the “mirror decal is yellow”, it can increase the sense of light, which is easy to find the tiny flaws of the makeup.

06.The choice of balcony, aisle and entrance lights

Balconies and aisles generally do not have a strong demand for lighting brightness, but the dust is relatively large, so a small ceiling lamp with a simple structure and easy cleaning is enough. Generally speaking, 6-10W LED ceiling lights can fully meet the lighting needs of balconies, aisles and entrances.

In short, the area of the lamps should not be larger than 2%-3% of the room area. If the lighting is insufficient, the number of lamps or auxiliary light sources can be increased, otherwise the decorative effect of the room will be affected.

The perfect home lighting configuration is an organic combination of practicability, artistry and rationality. Clever use of lighting lighting can not only enable you to obtain functional requirements, but also under the delicate combination of beautiful shapes, colors, patterns and light colors of lighting. , the pleasant environment and atmosphere can give people a beautiful enjoyment.

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